Playball is educationally based: positive coaching methods are used to develop life skills like independence, self confidence, courage, discipline, concentration and listening skills, goods sportsmanship, responsbility and social interaction.

Playball is result orientated: A maximum of 8 - 10 children per class ensures adequate individual attention and an excellent learning enviornment.

Playball is specialised: Coaches are trained every 16 weeks using specialised coaching equipment and methods

Playball is currently taught in several locations around South & East Belfast. If you are interested in Playball at your school or Nursery contact us to schedule your free trial and take an active step in forming our childrens future.

2 can do (2-3 years)

At 2 we are still laying the basic foundations of movement in order to enable the child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills.

An early encounter with a structured learning environment, 2's are exposed to concepts like a learning routine, listening and following instruction, basic concepts like colours and shapes, spatial concepts and an introduction to basic movement skills.

Watch me at 3 (3-4 years)

The learning environment is still structured and children are exposed to fantasy and creativity which are relevant to this age group.

More is expected regarding skills - a basic foundation in sports skills are laid at this young age.

Dinkies (4-5 years)

Children of this age are able to concentrate for longer periods and are also more accurate when imitating skills. More technical detail is added and a wide variety of specific sport skills are covered at this stage.

More technical detail is added and a wide variety of specific sport skills are covered at this stage.

Preps (5-6 years)

Refining sport skills are priorities now.

Children are corrected and guided to use the right techniques and are also required to work in pairs.

Players (6 years +)

Sport blocks are coached: Hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball/netball, soccer and cricket are presented.

Children learn basic rules and game plans of each sport.